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    Dear Parishioners,
    I hope you read my review on A.P. and his wife on May 27. If you want to hear from the other people that came to the party in honor of A.P. and his wife that were gravely shocked and offended from their unchristian behavior I can give you their names. I'm sure A.P.'s sermon was wonderful on Sunday June 2 but please remember that actions speak louder than words. Christ not only preached but also lived by what he preached. A.P. & J.P. come across as being good Christians but in reality they can be very hateful by their actions.
    God Bless you and your church community and I hope you get a pastor worthy of your congregation. A.P. & J.P. are not worthy to be a part of your Christian community. They need prayers to have the courage to apologize and explain their horrid behavior to people who gave to them.

    Added June 09, 2019 by L.J.
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    If you hire A.P. as a pastor you are not getting a man of God who practices what he preaches:

    5/27/2019 • Previous review
    This review is for the new pastor A.P. if hired. He is not the person I thought he was all these years. Him and his wife J.P. were very hateful and unappreciative to 20 friends. A good friend of theirs put on a baby/congratulations party for his new job as pastor and his new son to be born in July. The party was spared no expenses and the gifts were lovely. The next day all the gifts were brought back and dumped in the driveway of my friends' home. No note, no explanation as to why. It rained sometime during early morning hours so many of the items were soiled and non returnable. Instead of bringing the gifts back they could have donated them but their intention was to slap all of the friends in the face. Very hateful and unchristian like. The 20 friends were A.P.'s friends because he worked for all of them. They all hired him for different jobs which made it possible for him to feed, clothe, and put a roof over their heads so his wife could stay home. I had never met A.P.'s wife but I was happy for him and his family. I am still appalled how ungrateful A.P. and J.P. were. They excepted other gifts through the years with no problems example: washer, dryer, etc. large items that were given to them for free. Please pray for this new pastor and his wife so that they set a better example of Christ's love to the community.

    Added June 09, 2019 by L.J.
  • Very welcoming, wonderful church full of kind people! Also there is a sign lanfuage translator, if anyone is in need and would like to come worship!

    Added July 10, 2017 by Angie Herrera
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